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A graphic depicting a slot machine, but with icons relevant to the advice included in the post (a coffee cup, calendar, and clock).
A graphic of an outlet with a cord coming out of it.
An illustration of nesting dolls, depicted as an analogy for the relationship between chatbots and conversational AI.
An illustration of a man holding a boulder on his back. The boulder is labeled "AI."
An illustration of a human and and a robot hand "pinky swearing."
A graphic of five pill bottles, with one designed to look like Waldo of "Where's Waldo?" fame.
An illustration depicting a crystal ball, with a patient at its center.
A graphic depicting a checklist of pros and cons, with the "pros" category filled out.
An illustrated image of a box, with floating cubes and magnifying glasses.
A graphic showing a person with the ChatGPT icon on their shirt, standing in a hole the shape of a medical cross, with a question mark above their head.
An illustrated image of two boxes, one marked "fact" and one marked "fiction," with a magnifying glass between them.

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