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Automate time-consuming, phone-based data collection with the most advanced purpose-built AI system for healthcare.

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AI solutions that deliver the data

AI Agent

Gather benefits, prior authorization, and prescription-related information from payors, PBMs, and pharmacies – without picking up the phone.

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AI Connect

Get Medicare Part B benefits instantly with our proprietary eBV+ solution. Go further than existing eBV vendors that lack product and provider coverage.

The Infinitus AI agent

Say hello to your new top performer. Let our AI agent call payors, PBMs, and pharmacies so you don’t have to.

Take your team off hold

Automate routine data collection tasks quickly and consistently. The Infinitus AI agent supports calls to over 500 payors and can collect 150+ data points per call with superhuman accuracy.

What sets our AI agent apart:

  • Asks only the relevant questions
  • Educates agent and pharmacy technicians when they are unsure
  • Pushes back when information doesn’t meet expectations
  • Escalates to a human operator when needed
  • Is loved by payor agents
  • Is loved by customers

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Hear our AI agent in action

We make calls with our AI agent so you don’t have to. Collect upwards of 150 data points per call with superhuman accuracy. 

Benefit verification

Automate benefit verification calls to payors to keep schedules intact, ensure a smooth patient experience and create the foundation for payment. Collect data such as:

  • Plan Details (Deductible, OOP, Plan Type)
  • Network Status
  • Drug & Admin Coverage
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Auth Requirements & Status
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Buy and Bill

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Prior authorization

Understand which treatments require Prior Authorization and if those documents are active and on file. Get up-to-date information on Prior Authorization status and reduce claims denials by payors. Collect data such as:

  • Prior Authorization Not on File
  • Prior Authorization Pending
  • Approved (+Approval Details)
  • Denied (+Denial Reason, Appeal Options)

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Prescription follow-up

Understaffed pharmacies can’t afford for their technicians and pharmacists to be tied up on the phone. Automate prescription follow-up from one pharmacy location to another without stopping and using a phone or fax machine and confirm requests received.

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Infinitus AI connect

Get hard-to-find benefit data instantly. Each data collection task is powered by the industry’s most up-to-date intelligence on payor rules and guidelines: the Infinitus knowledge graph.

Go further than electronic benefit verification

With AI connect, you can unlock Medicare Part B medical coverage in seconds. Need Part D information for prescriptions also? Our AI agent will automatically perform the call task based on your task inputs.

Our proprietary eBV+ solution can:

  • Deliver Medicare Part B coverage instantly
  • Save employees 20+ minutes per case
  • Increase data accuracy by 10%

The Infinitus AI system

Our approach isn’t a simple wrapper around the latest transformer model. This is how we achieve the accuracy, speed, scale, and security needed for healthcare office data.

AI agent and AI connect

End-to-end phone call automation and instant answers for a variety of task types


Human guardrails before, during, and after calls

Multi-model and multimodal

Hundreds of models – highly performant shallow models, custom fine-tuned and in-house audio and text models, plus large language models (LLMs)

Knowledge graph

Up-to-date intelligence on payor rules and guidelines gathered from millions of calls and data partnerships

Unmatched accuracy, speed, and scale, so you can serve more patients

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Increase revenue

Reduce claim denials and increase revenue with data you can trust. Infinitus delivers a 10% increase in benefit coverage and prior authorization data accuracy vs. manual approaches.

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Decrease time to therapy

Eliminate the need to wait on hold and make various calls to payors and pharmacies. Infinitus returns data 4x faster than traditional approaches.

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Increase employee productivity

Infinitus saves 30+ minutes per patient case enabling employees to do more with less, while improving overall morale.

“But will it work for me?”

Infinitus has created several standardized call flows that have worked for dozens of therapies and hundreds of medications, procedures, and tests. We will work with your team to ensure that one of our standardized offerings aligns with your operating procedures and needs.

Secure, reliable, AI built for healthcare

Infinitus offers the enterprise-grade security, compliance, and availability you need to confidently delegate data collection tasks to AI, including:

  • HIPAA and SOC II Compliant
  • Human-in-the-loop guardrails
  • De-identified data used in model training
  • Third-party data source redundancy

Make one call to change it all.

Join 80,000 providers creating more time for patients and changing the US healthcare system as we know it.