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Fully automate benefit verification phone calls with AI

Give staff more time with patients, go further than eBV options, and let AI take over time-consuming benefit verification calls to commercial and government payors and pharmacy benefit managers.

Accurate answers to get patients on, and staying on, therapy

Infinitus is the expert in speciality medication benefit verifications. With millions of calls under our belt, Infinitus has created eight standardized call types that have been able to address nearly every benefit verification need. The Infinitus AI agent can collect 150 data points per call, including:

  • Plan details (deductible, out-of-pocket, plan type, and more)
  • Network status
  • Drug and admin coverage
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Authorization requirements and status
  • Specialty pharmacy requirements
  • Buy and bill information
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image showing how eBV and RTBC solutions don't get benefit verifications to the finish line, but infinitus does

Go further than eBV options

Benefit verification for some therapies is straightforward and can be completed electronically. However, coverage for treatments administered via infusions or injections, or at different sites of care, can vary between major medical payors and even PBMs. Talking to a human is often the most reliable route to ensure you receive the most up-to-date coverage data.

Infinitus is the only solution that automates the entire phone call process to complete benefit verifications. Infinitus returns that hard-to-find information so providers have the most comprehensive view of treatment coverage and can confidently move forward with a patient treatment plan.

Boost staff productivity and improve patient experience

Keep up with changing volumes

Automating benefit verification calls with Infinitus allows healthcare providers to better navigate fluctuations in benefit verifications, especially every year during reverification.

Reduce staff training needs

Infinitus has expertise in over 1,000 therapies and procedures and knows how to accurately verify information with major payors and pharmacy benefit managers, meaning you won’t need to spend time or resources training seasonal staff.

Stay up to date with changing rules

Insurance plans can change from year to year, and sometimes within the year, but Infinitus’ data is constantly updating, meaning you no longer need to worry about staff staying up to date.

Improve data quality

The Infinitus AI agent’s calls are 10% more accurate than manual calling, so accuracy will never suffer in the name of efficiency.

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An image showing how Infinitus is able to call PBMs, payors and pharmacies and is well versed in over a thousand therapies and disease states.

Leverage our vast call experience and knowledge base

Infinitus collects as much data as possible before even making a call, leading to shorter calls and more accurate answers. We do this by leveraging our relationships with data providers, payors and pharmacies, as well as our internal knowledge base, built from millions of calls made to date.

When it comes to making calls, the Infinitus AI agent knows which number to call, can navigate IVR, ask necessary questions, push back on or correct bad data, and can escalate to a human operator if needed. Collect the data you need to get your patients on therapy or verify benefit eligibility for your products on behalf of providers.

Partner with leading payors

Over 500 payors enjoy working with Infinitus because we make shorter, more efficient calls to their agents than traditional providers offices. We integrate with several data sources to ensure we collect the maximum amount of patient data upfront before calling.

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How it works

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Submit benefit verifications in bulk via our portal or automatically by API

number 2

The Infinitus AI agent makes the necessary call(s) on your behalf

number 3

Your data is returned either by API or through the Infinitus portal

The benefits of automation

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Increase revenue

Reduce claim denials and increase revenue by accurately capturing BV requirements status upfront. Infinitus is more accurate than manual callers because of our proprietary, standardized call flow and expertise from making millions of calls.

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Decrease time to therapy

Eliminate the need to wait several days and make various calls to verify a benefit. Infinitus returns BV status requirements quickly to enable your staff to expedite care.

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Increase staff productivity

Reallocate team members to more strategic tasks and improve morale by quickly offloading tedious BV calls. Ensure that staff members aren’t spending valuable time on hold or being transferred from one payor department to another.

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Make one call to change it all.

Join 80,000 providers creating more time for patients and changing the US healthcare system as we know it.