Today, my co-founder Shyam Rajagopalan and I are introducing the world to Infinitus, a voice robotic process automation (Voice RPA) company targeted to reduce the complexity and cost of healthcare in the United States. We have been working on this project since February 2019 and are excited to share our progress on it on this blog over the coming years.

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors, but has lagged others in innovation. My wife has worked in healthcare operations for the last ten years and has repeatedly complained about the fact that at the root of most healthcare infrastructure problems, is a lack of data interoperability, with most data being communicated via disparate portals, faxes or voice phone calls. This lack of interoperability is at the heart of the problem we are aiming to solve at Infinitus. In fact, over 900 million phone calls occur every year in the US alone where the primary purpose of the call is to initiate a process, collect information, request clarification, or check the status of a previously initiated process. The average phone call is over 35 minutes in length, and over a million healthcare professionals spend over 4.5 hours each day making these tedious phone calls.

Recent advances across speech to text, multi-turn dialog engines and speech synthesis have made delivering the pipe dream of an intelligent voice-based conversational engine a possibility.  The large technology players have shown the promise of such technology for consumers across platforms like Alexa, Siri and Google Duplex. The Infinitus platform is using these breakthroughs to fix the healthcare interoperability problem. Shyam describes a number of the technology breakthroughs we have brought together to make our system possible in this blog post

In recent years, robotic process automation (RPA) has taken business transformation teams by storm, and rightfully so. Companies like UIPath, Automation Anywhere, and Olive are helping teams that do tedious and repetitive tasks use technology to mimic human actions and automate them. However, these technologies are limited by actions that can take place on a computer. Given the analog methods of communications in healthcare, traditional RPA breaks down when a workflow requires an offline action like sending or receiving a fax or a phone call. This is where we knew we could make a difference with Infinitus. 

The Infinitus platform automates, and helps our customers automate, outbound phone calls.

There is an extreme shortage of healthcare professionals and those in front and back office settings are often juggling multiple tasks just to keep things running. We believe that technology can and should augment these teams, so they can spend less time on calls and devote more time to patient care. We believe that our solution can reduce time to therapy for patients and reduce the number of administrative errors that generate re-work throughout the system. Finally, we provide technology-powered elasticity in a field that has traditionally been dependent on the massive scaling of human workforces to deal with sudden or seasonal surges. Our system is in dire need of solutions that drive better health outcomes while reducing overall costs. 

I couldn’t be more proud of our team which has worked tirelessly over the last 16 months to serve the needs of over 3500 healthcare providers. We are deeply indebted to our early customers and partners who have not only helped us shape our platform, but also helped us understand the gravity of the problem that we are solving. Finally, we couldn’t have done this without our investors who have trusted us not only with their time and money, but also with the freedom to explore and build a solution to a problem that is both gnarly and omnipresent in the world of healthcare. 

We are growing our team across the San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix and the Great Denver metros and have a number of open positions. If you would like to join a team that is driven to structure the world’s human-to-human communication, starting in healthcare, and make interoperability effortless, please do apply and we look forward to getting to know you.