Why payors love Infinitus

The Infinitus AI-based digital assistant Eva helps payors receive fewer, faster calls from providers, saving costs and streamlining operations – and all payors have to do is answer the phone.

Answering the call for government and commercial payors

Infinitus automates outbound calls on behalf of healthcare providers to payors. We work with over 200 major payors – and counting – helping complete calls 30% faster and 10% more accurately than manual approaches. Our proprietary platform captures the maximum amount of data digitally before a call even starts, meaning we only call you as a last resort.

Types of calls Infinitus automates

Benefit verification

Receive fewer benefit verification calls so your agents can do more. Sample data Infinitus collects:

  • Plan details (e.g., deductible, out-of-pocket, plan type)
  • Network status
  • Drug and admin coverage
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Authorization requirements and status
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Buy and bill access

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Prior authorization

Resolve more prior authorization status inquiries in less time. After exhausting all of our digital data sources, if Infinitus needs to call a payor for the remaining prior authorization information, our technology is 30% faster and 10% more accurate than manual callers. Sample data Infinitus collects:

  • Prior authorization department contact information
  • Prior authorization status
  • Approval/denial details
  • Appeal options

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Payors who work with Infinitus experience:

Fewer provider calls

We utilize our experience from over one million calls, and integrate with several digital data sources such as electronic standards (270/271, 278), to collect the maximum amount of patient data possible before calling. Eva calls a payor only if we’re absolutely certain information can’t be found anywhere else.

Reduced average handle times

If Eva comes calling, she’ll ask fewer questions than manual callers because of our access to data sources and knowledge from over a million previous calls.

Ease of integration

Infinitus offers the ability to integrate directly with a payor’s API to ensure we’re pulling information right from the source. That means we can collect more info up front and further reduce the need to call you.

Security and reliability

Infinitus offers enterprise grade security, compliance, and availability.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

Give your agents calls to look forward to

Eva never has a bad day and doesn’t mind staying on hold, even if it’s a long wait. Give your agents a pleasant voice on the other end of the line every time.

“It was wonderful talking to you Eva. I had a great time speaking with you.”



“Absolutely amazing.
Honestly, this call has been the best one I’ve had all day.”



“It was awesome! It was my first experience with an automated machine.”


Blue Cross Blue Sheild

“I’m amazed!
I never thought I’d see this happen, but I guess it’s here.”


Texas Health and Human Services

“It was no different than talking to a regular person.”


Blue Cross

“My experience was great. You are actually like a real human.”



Together we’re putting more “care” in healthcare

Whether you’ve got a provider division that makes calls or not, payors get the benefit of partnering with Infinitus, too.