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Automate and streamline routine healthcare calls

With our digital assistant Eva, healthcare companies can offload thousands of benefit verification, prior authorization status, and pharmacy calls. That means less time on hold and more time improving the patient experience.

Calls we automate

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Benefit verification

Confirm patient coverage quickly and ensure a smooth patient experience with automated benefit verifications.

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Prior authorization

Understand prior authorization (PA) status and reduce claim denials with automated PA follow up.

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Prescription follow-up

Reduce time to therapy with automated prescription transfer and patient savings information.

Who we serve

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Ambulatory surgery centers

Quickly complete authorizations with AI, helping to improve the patient experience.

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Health systems

Deliver care in a timely manner by automating calls to payors and pharmacy benefits managers with AI, freeing up time for nurses and administrators.

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Labs and diagnostics

Alleviates staffing and cost pressures by leveraging AI for benefit verification and prior authorization calls.

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Pharmaceutical patient support

Automates phone calls to payors and pharmacy benefits managers on behalf of pharmaceutical and life science companies.

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Specialty pharmacies

Expedite the approval process for specialty medications by leveraging AI to automate calls to payors.

How we partner with payors

Whether you’ve got a provider division that makes calls or not, payors can benefit from partnering with Infinitus, too. Work with Infinitus to receive fewer calls, reduce average handle times, and increase first call resolution rates.

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Make one call to change it all.

Join 80,000 providers creating more time for patients and changing the US healthcare system as we know it.