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The logo for Asembia's AXS24 Summit is presented below a blue highligher and the word "highlights."
Last week, members of the Infinitus team attended Asembia’s AXS24 Summit, the annual conference that brings together leaders from across the pharmaceutical landscape to discuss the industry’s biggest trends, issues, and developments. Every Asembia summit is a chance to learn – and not only from speakers who take the stage – and this year’s conference...
Technically, the annual insurance reverification period (often known as blizzard) lasts just a handful of weeks. However, reality tells a different story. We know our customers spend months preparing for each January, when patients’ access to medication can be put into question because of changes to formularies, deductibles, and out-of-pocket requirements.  With this year’s blizzard...
An illustration depicting a crystal ball, with a patient at its center.
If the ultimate goal of patient support programs is to create holistic, patient-centric ecosystems of assistance, 2023 saw strides forward. Patient support programs are better than ever at creating and analyzing meaningful data and have improved dramatically at providing the personalized engagement that patients desire. But there is still more to be done.  In 2024,...
two call center employees fistbumping
Healthcare executives in Pharmaceutical and Specialty Pharmacy industries are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Their staff is overwhelmed with a backlog of tasks, including calls to payors and PBMs to verify patient benefit information. While the status quo has been to hire more people, candidates are nowhere to be found and this...
happy woman doctor
Key Insights: ‍ Much of the attention on healthcare has focused on lower patient outcomes even in the face of ever-escalating costs.  And there seems to be no end in sight. But lost in that understandable outrage is another important story around healthcare: the agony and emotional stress of waiting. A doctor visit can be...
illustration of a sad emoji and snowflakes
Every January, US healthcare operations workers go through hell. With Omicron, this year has been worse than most years. Here's a behind the scenes look at what happens..on healthcare phone-lines across the US in January. Why?
Image of a robot holding a smartphone
There hasn’t been as much production level automation in longer form conversations, including phone calls, but there is a need for it. Many business operations today still happen over the phone and we discuss how we are solving these issues.
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How Infinitus helped VaccinateCA improve their coverage of Covid-19 vaccination sites by automating calls to 2500 pharmacies every day.

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