Since Change Healthcare abruptly shut down its network Feb. 21, disruptions across the healthcare landscape have been far reaching. One unforeseen result has been a backlog of calls to payors and pharmacies, making it even harder for providers to get access to live agents on the phone.

In an analysis of calls made by the Infinitus AI agent, we found that hold times to reach medical insurance payor agents have indeed increased. In a comparison of calls made in December 2023 to those made since Feb. 21, 2024, time spent on hold has risen by over 15% since the Change Healthcare cyberattack and outage. We examined call times from December to avoid the notoriously high call volume of January’s annual reverification period.

Secure patient access and augment digital sources with Infinitus

Security breaches are common, and even the most respected brands have fallen victim. And certainly, the Change Healthcare attack hasn’t just led to longer wait times; in some cases, it led to digital sources for insurance verification becoming unavailable – leaving providers unable to acquire critical data necessary to process prescriptions. In both cases, Infinitus can help.

The Infinitus AI agent takes over time-consuming calls to payors, PBMs, and pharmacies, and doesn’t mind waiting on hold. With Infinitus, healthcare providers can delegate phone-based tasks, such as benefit verification, prior authorization status checks, and prescription follow-up to our AI agent, and free up employees to work on higher-level tasks.

We’re also constantly adapting to the changing landscape of cyber threats, and can help providers ensure patients continue to receive treatment whether required data can be acquired digitally or over the phone. HIPAA and SOC II compliant, Infinitus empowers specialty pharmacies to reduce dependency on phone calls and electronic sources.

How to get started

Infinitus has created several standardized call flows that have worked for dozens of therapeutic areas and hundreds of speciality medications, procedures, and tests. We have a standard pharmacy benefit configuration that can be set up for you within 24 hours and go live if you have an immediate and urgent need. 

Our teams are working around the clock to help customers like you. Contact us now to learn more or get started.