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Automate phone calls to commercial and government payors with our digital assistant, Eva. Augment staff by completing tedious tasks such as benefit verification and prior authorization follow-up quickly and accurately.

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Increase patient access and revenue with AI

Benefit verification

Automate benefit verification calls to payors to confirm coverage before services are rendered and avoid claims rejections, ensuring a smooth patient experience. Collect data such as:

  • Plan information (out of pocket, deductible, plan type)
  • Referral status
  • Facility and physician network status
  • Site of care
  • Procedure cost share/coverage information
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Procedure code

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Prior authorization

Effectively manage the rising volume of prior authorization without sacrificing quality. Infinitus reduces the time it takes to collect prior authorization status and appeal information, accelerating the payment cycle and the patient’s time to treatment. Collect data such as:

  • Prior authorization required (yes/no)
  • Not on file
  • Pending
  • Approved (plus approval details)
  • Denied (plus denial reason, appeal options)

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Gain operational efficiencies and improve patient outcomes

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Increase access

Launch patient access programs with ease. Infinitus’ expertise in more than 1000 therapies and procedures and over 200 major payors streamlines payor calls, allowing customers to focus on more strategic areas and expand their patient support programs.

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Optimize scheduling

Eliminate backlogs and collect eligibility verification as soon as possible, ensuring scheduling dates can be met. Infinitus returns accurate cost sharing and prior authorization requirements quickly and consistently.

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Improve reimbursements

Reduce claim denials and increase revenue by accurately capturing patient insurance and financial responsibility at the front end of the revenue cycle. Infinitus’ data is 10% more accurate because of our platform’s ability to stay up to date with changing payor rules and our expertise from making over a million calls.

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Reduce cost

Free up thousands of hours of team time and offset hiring costs with automation. Infinitus can make an unlimited number of calls at any time of day to help customers scale up payor calls quickly without expanding their team. During re-verification season, increase call volume without limits and avoid costly temporary hiring cycles.

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Improve turnaround times

Complete more benefit verifications and prior authorization follow-ups in less time. Infinitus follows a standardized call script and avoids the clerical errors more common with traditional callers, resulting in calls that are 30% faster than manual approaches.

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Secure and reliable

Enterprise grade security, compliance and availability.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SOC II Compliant
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Make one call to change it all.

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