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Fully automate pharmacy phone calls with AI

Free up time for pharmacists and technicians to spend with patients. Let AI take over time-consuming follow-up calls to other pharmacies.

Automate phone calls with other pharmacies

Busy pharmacists and technicians don’t have time to wait on hold for prescription transfers, inventory checks, or other data-gathering conversations. With Infinitus, you can automate phone calls to other pharmacies, freeing up staff to spend time dispensing medications or answering patients’ questions. Sample tasks you can automate data collection for include:

  • Prescription transfers
  • Patient savings card details
  • Inventory checks
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Reduce risk and improve patient outcomes

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), more than 100,000 medication errors are reported annually, impacting approximately 7 million Americans each year. Don’t let your team accidently contribute to this number. Infinitus enables pharmacies to automate data-gathering conversations with other pharmacies, seeing a 10% increase in data accuracy compared to manual approaches.

Increase efficiency and boost morale

Infinitus enables pharmacies to get more done without requiring additional staff time. Our AI agent navigates IVRs and collects the information needed from other pharmacy technicians or pharmacists so your team can do the work they were hired to do: help patients and maintain patient safety.

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An image showing how Infinitus is able to call PBMs, payors and pharmacies and is well versed in over a thousand therapies and disease states.

Leverage our vast call experience and knowledge base

Infinitus collects as much data as possible before even making a call, leading to shorter calls and more accurate answers. We do this by leveraging our relationships with data providers, payors and pharmacies, as well as our internal knowledge base, built from millions of calls made to date.

When it comes to making calls, the Infinitus AI agent knows which number to call, can navigate IVR, ask necessary questions, push back on or correct bad data, and can escalate to a human operator if needed. Collect the data you need to assist patients with their prescription and accelerate time to therapy.

How it works

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Submit prescription follow-up calls in bulk via our portal or automatically by API

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The Infinitus AI agent makes the necessary call(s) on your behalf

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Your data is returned either by API or through the Infinitus portal

The benefits of automation

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Reduce risk

By automating data-gathering conversations, pharmacies can see a 10% increase in data accuracy compared to manual approaches.

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Decrease time to therapy

More efficiently make phone calls to multiple pharmacies, and collect the data you need to assist patients with their prescription and expedite time to therapy.

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Increase staff productivity

Reallocate team members to spend more time answering patients’ questions or dispensing medication, and improve morale by offloading tedious phone calls.

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Make one call to change it all.

Join 80,000 providers creating more time for patients and changing the US healthcare system as we know it.