Pharmaceutical patient support

Infinitus automates phone calls to commercial and government payors and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) on behalf of pharmaceutical and life science companies. Our digital assistant Eva augments back-office staff by completing tasks such as benefit verification and prior authorization follow-up quickly and accurately.

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Supercharge your patient access programs with AI

Benefit verification

Automate benefit verification calls to payors and PBMs to reduce time to therapy, ensuring a smooth patient experience. Collect data such as:

  • Plan information (out of pocket, deductible, plan type)
  • Cost share/coverage information
  • Preferred pharmacy
  • Drug administration coverage (nursing, home health)
  • Claims information
  • Acquisition: buy and bill
  • Accumulator and maximizer information

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Prior authorization

Understand which medications require prior authorization (PA) and if it is active and on file. Collect data such as:

  • Prior authorization required (yes/no)
  • Not on file
  • Prior authorization pending
  • Approved (plus approval details)
  • Denied (plus denial reason and appeal options)

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Improve patient outcomes

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Increase access

Verify eligibility and benefits for your products or programs on behalf of providers. Infinitus has expertise in verifying benefits with major payors for over 1,000 therapies across multiple disease states including cancer, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, and HIV, among others.

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Decrease time to therapy

Deliver medications to patients as soon as possible. Eva, the Infinitus digital assistant, makes calls 30% faster than manual approaches so that hold times and inadequate staffing don’t get in the way of patient care.

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Increase affordability

Increase patient awareness and adoption of financial assistance and copay programs. Infinitus identifies upfront which patients may require additional financial support and helps customers expedite a path to coverage to prevent treatment delays.

Gain operational efficiencies

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Alleviate staffing shortages

Ensure your existing team can do more with the limited time they have. Infinitus automates your staff’s most tedious payor calls and can go live in as little as 30 days, providing relief within a matter of weeks, not months.

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Expand capacity

Supercharge productivity and reduce the need to plan for temporary hiring, training, and onboarding during annual reverification. Eva can make an unlimited number of calls at any time of day to help customers scale up quickly.

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Increase quality

Eva is 10% more accurate than manual callers because Infinitus has a standardized call flow and expertise from making over one million payor calls. Unlike overstretched staff, who have many duties in addition to payor calls, it is Eva’s sole responsibility to collect patient information.

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Boost morale

Improve employee satisfaction by eliminating the most frustrating aspects of payor calls: long hold times and changing requirements. Infinitus stays on hold as long as needed and intelligently navigates complex calls.

Meet the healthcare leaders seeing fast, real ROI with Infinitus

Jeff Buck of Cencora

“[Infinitus’ digital assistant Eva] can get through calls around 30% quicker and the quality is around 10% higher than humans since there are fewer miscommunications or typos.”

Jeff Buck

VP, AmerisourceBergen

Sini Abrahahm of Mercalis

“Infinitus has helped us to support 50% more patients at current staff levels by freeing up tens of thousands of hours per week. Our existing staff is able to spend more time with patients and is seeing significant productivity gains in their back-office processes. The fact that we could launch something like this in less than 30 days is an anomaly in healthcare.”

Sini Abraham

Sr. VP, Client Services + Operations

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Secure and reliable

Enterprise grade security, compliance and availability.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SOC II Compliant
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