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A graphic depiction of a fulcrum, with a human brain on one side and a computer on the other.
If you ask many experts, they’ll tell you AI is a discipline within computer science. After all, AI is concerned with creating computer systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence; it makes logical sense.  I understand where those that label AI as computer science are coming from. But I also disagree with them. ...
An illustration of a man holding a boulder on his back. The boulder is labeled "AI."
2023 will go down in history as the year artificial intelligence in its current incarnation went mainstream, and it won’t be slowing down this year. To many, the technology’s arrival – and pressure to be incorporated at work – felt sudden. Regardless, the healthcare industry is in dire need of the kind of help AI...
A graphic showing a hand holding a marionette of a robot.
Picture today’s tech landscape as a pendulum in motion, swinging between two distinct poles. At one extreme, there’s a somewhat prevalent notion where AI not only equals, but eventually outshines human intelligence. On the other side, there’s a lingering concern that AI could displace human roles, rendering us obsolete.  This narrative overlooks the fertile middle...
Infinitus logo next to the Google Cloud logo
San Francisco — Aug. 29, 2023 — Infinitus Systems, Inc., the AI platform for healthcare communications, today announced it is expanding its use of Google Cloud AI technologies to automate payor-facing medical and pharmacy benefit verifications and prior authorization calls. 
isometric illustration of a neural network model made from pills representing AI in healthcare
Recently there have been huge advancements in the ability of large language models (LLMs) to handle conversational systems. In many practical industry settings, the conversational AI systems we want to build are task-oriented dialog systems (TODs). In these systems, the goal is to help a user complete a task or collect certain information. For many...
Omar Burney of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Omar Burney, one of our new grad recruits. Omar is part of our full stack engineering team and has been helping improve the data labeling and administrative portals.
Sagar Gokhale of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Sagar Gokhale. Sagar has been focused on infrastructure at Infinitus. He has been making sure that our systems are fast, secure and scalable.
Max Parelius of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Max Parelius. Max has been focused on the frontend components of the Infinitus stack. He has been critical to the launch of our customer portal as well as ensuring that customer data stays segmented.
Image of a cute robot
In this post, I outline some of the breakthroughs we have had to make and preview some of the exciting technical challenges that lay ahead.
Julian Frumar of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Julian Frumar. Julian is a two time entrepreneur and thrives in early-stage companies that are figuring things out. He has also previously worked at Google and YouTube where he led the redesign of the YouTube player, watch page, and TV products.

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