This is part of a series of blog posts featuring some of the amazing talent we have working on the technology behind Infinitus.

This week, we’re excited to be featuring Max Parelius. Max has been focused on the frontend components of the Infinitus stack. He has been critical to the launch of our customer portal as well as ensuring that customer data stays segmented.

Why did you choose to join Infinitus?
I chose to join Infinitus primarily because of the people. Everyone I met during my interview process is very smart and I knew I would learn a lot from each of them working here. I also really liked that Infinitus is an AI company starting out in the health tech space. AI is an exciting technology to be working on, especially in health tech as there are a lot of important problems to solve in that space.

What are you working on right now?
I am currently working on building a web portal for our customers to interact with our system. On the portal customers can create tasks for our AI system to process, view status of existing tasks, manage billing and account information and access our API. The customer portal will provide a simple interface for our customers to interact with all of the services we offer and have full visibility into their data on our system.

Working on the customer portal is exciting because so much of the engineering work we do at Infinitus is invisible to the customer; our job is to make work magically disappear for them. So when we build the customer portal, it’s a chance to really delight the customer with elegant design and a simple interface. Of course we know they’ll be delighted to have lengthy calls automated, but this adds a visual and experiential element to our customer interaction.

What is the favorite part about working for Infinitus?
My favorite part about working for Infinitus is seeing the continual progress being made every day. Everyone on the team works incredibly hard and wants to build the best service possible for our customers and I love being a part of that. Seeing what our team can accomplish in such a short time and with limited resources is very motivating.

What are 3 words to describe Infinitus?
Focused, Fulfilling, Fun

What advice do you have for prospective Infinitus candidates?
My advice for prospective candidates is to just relax, be yourself and think carefully about what you want to do and accomplish next in your career. We genuinely want what is best for any candidate we meet. If you love continual learning and growing and have a passion for serving people in the health industry I think you will fit right in at Infinitus.

What’s something you are passionate about outside of work?
I am very passionate about health and fitness. I love learning about health and fitness best practices in the areas of sleep, nutrition and exercise.