We started Infinitus in 2019 with the vision to drive interoperability by reducing the number of tedious phone calls that plague the healthcare ecosystem. In the US alone, over 900 million phone calls are made every year (calls to initiate a process, collect information, request clarification, or check the status of a previously initiated process). The average such call is over 35 minutes in length; over a million healthcare professionals spend more than 4.5 hours each day on the phone. This leads to delayed treatments and excess administrative overhead, driving up costs across the healthcare ecosystem.

Learn more about the Infinitus solution for automating benefit verification.

Over the past two years, we’ve been incredibly busy building an enterprise-grade, HIPAA compliant VoiceRPA platform that can automate tedious phone calls that are routine across healthcare. The Infinitus platform combines:

  • A streamlined API to initiate and collect responses for benefit verification with support for the majority of the large health insurance carriers
  • A portal for customers to manage users, manage tasks, and retrieve detailed reporting
  • Built-in best practices learned from performing hundreds of thousands of benefit verification calls
  • An institutional knowledge tool to validate accuracy of collected data
  • Enterprise-grade security and elastic scalability
  • Delivery as a cloud based SaaS service that is fully managed by Infinitus

Last month, we automated over 75,000 calls on behalf of over 12,500 healthcare providers across the US saving tens of thousands of hours and ensuring patients receive timely access to therapy. We’ve had the opportunity to work with a great set of customers including AmerisourceBergen and many others ranging from large Fortune 100 companies to small startups. In the last two years, we have also supported 5 of the top 15 pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.

The use cases supported by our platform are scaling fast – we recently automated calls to over 2500 pharmacies to document availability of the Covid-19 vaccines across eight US states, and this is just the beginning. The healthcare landscape is full of manual processes that happen off the computer, and we’re actively working with our customers to automate more of these time-consuming workflows.

Today marks a big milestone for Infinitus. We’re excited to announce that the Infinitus AI Benefit Verification offering is now generally available, and that we have raised $21.4 Million in Series Seed and Series A funding from Kleiner Perkins and Coatue Management. These resources will accelerate the development of our core technology and help us bring Infinitus to the entirety of the healthcare market.

We’re incredibly excited for what 2021 will bring for VoiceRPA and healthcare. If you’d like to see Infinitus in action, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo and we’ll be in touch. Or, if you’re interested in helping us build the future of automation in healthcare, check out our job openings – we’re hiring across all our teams.

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