Seeking people who care about healthcare

Everyone has a healthcare story. Everyone has been a patient, or loved one. If you’ve ever waited anxiously for an appointment, a test, a result, a follow-up, a medication or a verification…we’ve got a mission for you.

The values that guide us

Our company values, CODES, are not only the principles that link us together in the way we work, but they also keep us aligned on the same path, all working towards connected goals. These standards are what guide us on our collective journey.

Customer obsessed

Have you ever had a conflict or misunderstanding with an internal or external customer? How did you resolve it? If your default mode is to first seek to understand their needs, and then work collaboratively to find a solution that is a win:win for everyone involved, then you just might also be customer obsessed.

“Our customer is not just the company that is paying us to do the services that we are doing, but also every other entity in healthcare that we are impacting. From the payors, to the providers, to the pharmacies, the patients to the pharmaceutical companies that are developing the drugs. We want to make sure the actions we take are benefiting every single entity in healthcare, because we want to make all of healthcare more digital, more efficient and really drive healthcare forward.” 

Ankit Jain

CEO and Co-Founder

Optimistic realists

Our mission is to create time for healthcare in order to improve access, adherence and affordability. This is an important, but difficult, mission that will certainly be met with resistance because of how complex the healthcare ecosystem is. We look for individuals who have a track record of thinking out of the box and are pragmatic about the steps we need to take to reach ambitious goals.

“One of the great things in being at a start up that you don’t find at a larger company is that there is an expectation of more autonomy. You will be given a specification because we know what we need to build, but we’re not going to tell you how to do it. We’ll give you ‘here’s what we need to do’ and you get to go and research and fill in the gaps.” 

Julian Frumar


Disagree + Commit

A problem usually has more than one solution, and sometimes it takes a healthy debate to tease out the best path forward. At Infinitus, there are two parts to Disagree + Commit. First, we encourage curiosity, intellectual honesty and “playing the idea out” to figure out what option is in the best interest of the team and/or our customers. Second, we don’t look for consensus, but context. While it would be nice if everyone agreed, we want to make informed decisions fast. This working style allows people with strong opinions to voice their concerns (disagree), and ensure we are all aligned on next steps leaving the discussion (commit).

“Conflict is uncomfortable, but it is an important communication skill to get comfortable with if you really are looking for the best path forward. It doesn’t hurt to have a little humor in the process too.” 

Katie Byrne


Engage employees

Have you ever gone out of your way to help a coworker? Perhaps someone helped you? Making connections with our coworkers is not a nice to have, but essential to building trust. A culture with high levels of trust is highly effective at getting things done fast. This is one of the reasons why we are committed to having our employees in the SF bay area coming together twice a week in our office. We order lunch, breakfasts and have happy hours to celebrate important milestones, and also just for fun.

“There is a strong sense of ownership here, and I think that is in part due to creating a place with psychological safety. We of course hire people who are the right fit for the role they are in, but those individuals are also bought into our overall vision. Growth at our stage can be messy but it makes it fun when you are surrounded by others that take the initiative and ask, “what can I do to make it better?”

Rushil Ram


See, say, do

If you’re ever worked in a startup, you know there are endless opportunities for improvement. It could be that a process is missing, or an existing process could be improved. We take it upon ourselves to not only identify those areas of improvement, but to address the gaps.

“If you see something and there is a gap, we are empowered to create a solution for it. This kind of culture provides a lot more opportunity for you to grow as an employee and take on new responsibilities as well.” 

Aparna Sridhar Murthy

Product Management

People are talking about Infinitus

90% of employees at Infinitus say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Yup. We’re pretty proud of that.

Perks and benefits

Medical insurance

We offer Cigna medical insurance: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum PPO plans. Each plan has a $0 mental health copay for in-network care.


All eligible full-time employees are able to participate in our 401(k) plan from Human Interest beginning on their 30th day of employment.

Hybrid and remote work

We have an office in San Francisco where our Hybrid employees work twice a week. Depending on the role, some teams are remote.

Dental and vision insurance

We offer Principal plans for both dental and vision.

Flexible paid time off

In addition to eight company holidays, Infinitus team members are encouraged to take additional time off throughout the year.

Parental leave

We believe that it is healthy and important to take time off to bond with a new child and provide paid leave to employees following the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a new child.

Where we are

Join us in the Bay Area

We have an office two blocks from the Giants Stadium. Engineering and Product teams come in three days a week. 

Or work fully remote

We have employees from across the states. East coast, west coast and everywhere in between depending on your role and team.

What we love about it

“I love the team at Infinitus. Everyone genuinely cares about working together to improve healthcare.”

Arushi Raghuvanshi

Machine Learning

“I love the real-time aspect of our product – there’s nothing more real-time than an interactive phone call with another human.”

Julian Frumar


“I’m excited by the impact that Infinitus can have on healthcare. Every day our team rallies to achieve this. It’s inspiring.”

Aparna Sridhar Murthy


“My favorite part about working for Infinitus is seeing the continual progress being made every day.”

Max Parelius


“I love the mission: using AI to automate routine tasks done in healthcare … especially during this time.”

Conal Sathi


Open roles

Don’t see the role for you but love what we’re doing? We’re always looking for great candidates to consider for future positions. Tell us what you’d bring to the team.
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