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A red and blue Great Place to Work certified banner appears on a yellow rectangular background.
On March 1, we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day, a great opportunity to stop and take a moment to celebrate what makes Infinitus a place I truly love to work: the people. As our CEO Ankit Jain says, everything we’ve achieved “starts and ends with our people.”  Today, I’m so excited to announce that we have...
A black-and-white group photo of the Infinitus team at an off-site event.
February marked a milestone for Infinitus as we celebrated five years. From the initial spark of an idea, to the role Bruce Willis played in early tests, to the real change Infinitus is effecting on the healthcare ecosystem today, it’s been quite a journey.  As we reflect on half a decade of Infinitus, we sat...
An illustration of a human and and a robot hand "pinky swearing."
While AI is dominating many conversations in healthcare, relatively few organizations in the space actually use generative AI tools, according to a recent survey. Among the primary reasons why are concerns about hallucinations, accuracy, and reliability. At Infinitus, we are committed to our mission of improving access, adherence, and affordability in healthcare – but along...
Andre Iguodala speaks to the Infinitus team
On Aug. 22, we were joined for a special talk by NBA veteran and four-time league champion Andre Iguodala. The all-star swingman, who played in the league for almost two decades, spoke candidly about his experience as an athlete, an investor, and a father. Here are 10 takeaways from Iguodala’s fireside chat with the Infinitus...
Great place to work award
For the second year in a row, Infinitus is certified as a great place to work!
Prithvi Sriram of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Prithvi Sriram. Prithvi is part of our data team and has been helping improve the way in which we understand our system, our conversations and our operations. Prior to joining Infinitus, Prithvi was a member of Zynga's Data Analyst team.
Omar Burney of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Omar Burney, one of our new grad recruits. Omar is part of our full stack engineering team and has been helping improve the data labeling and administrative portals.
Sagar Gokhale of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Sagar Gokhale. Sagar has been focused on infrastructure at Infinitus. He has been making sure that our systems are fast, secure and scalable.
Max Parelius of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Max Parelius. Max has been focused on the frontend components of the Infinitus stack. He has been critical to the launch of our customer portal as well as ensuring that customer data stays segmented.
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Karen Holop. Karen has been focused on product management at Infinitus. She has been making sure that our systems meet customers’ needs, our roadmap is helping move the healthcare industry forward and our teams work smoothly with each other.
Image of a cute robot
In this post, I outline some of the breakthroughs we have had to make and preview some of the exciting technical challenges that lay ahead.
Conal Sathi of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Conal Sathi. Conal has been building the computer brains that drive the conversations that the Infinitus digital assistant has. From rule based systems to self-learning models, Conal has been pulling out all stops to make sure our customers are getting the most out of their Infinitus experience.

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