This is part of a series of blog posts featuring some of the amazing talent we have working on the technology behind Infinitus.

This week, we’re excited to be featuring Prithvi Sriram. Prithvi is part of our data team and has been helping improve the way in which we understand our system, our conversations and our operations. Prior to joining Infinitus, Prithvi was a member of Zynga’s Data Analyst team.

Why did you choose to join Infinitus?
To me it’s always been about being impactful. Meeting the team and understanding the potential impact that Infinitus could produce in the healthcare system inspired me. Of course, having an extremely fun team to work with was a bonus 🙂

What are you working on right now?
A bunch of secretive data-driven RPA projects. Constantly on the lookout for hidden patterns in data, which can be automated. Thus improving efficiency and saving human time for both ourselves and our customers.

What is the favorite part about working for Infinitus?
Besides, having fun with data, it’s the team. They’re incredibly humble, supportive and fun! It’s an inclusive space for ideas.

What are 3 words to describe Infinitus?
Gritty, hypergrowth, meaningful

What advice do you have for prospective Infinitus candidates?
Be prepared for an interesting journey. Being in a hypergrowth company comes with a lot of perks and power, but with great power comes great responsibility 😉
Do what you love and show that through an amazing project you’ve worked on. Everyone loves a cool project!

What’s something you are passionate about outside of work?
I’m a movie buff, who plays a lot of board games, and loves to hike.