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An illustration of a gear with an alarm clock at its center, visibly appearing to ring, on a teal backdrop.
The recently released 2024 Future Health Index zeroed in on something all healthcare workers have known for some time: staffing shortages are hindering the ability to provide the best possible patient experience.  The good news is, per the report, it seems healthcare leaders have realized that a solution may be found in the automation of...
Technically, the annual insurance reverification period (often known as blizzard) lasts just a handful of weeks. However, reality tells a different story. We know our customers spend months preparing for each January, when patients’ access to medication can be put into question because of changes to formularies, deductibles, and out-of-pocket requirements.  With this year’s blizzard...
A graphic depicting the challenges involved in ePA and eBV, and how Infinitus can streamline them.
Healthcare professionals generally gravitate to the field because they genuinely want to help people. In my experience, from senior clinicians to researchers to administrative staff, everyone’s goal is to ensure patients get the right treatment as quickly as possible. One thing not on their career plan? Spending hours on the phone trying to complete benefit...
An image representing the Infinitus digital assistant asking a human agent how their experience was. The human agent responds, "Absolutely amazing! Honestly, this call has been the best one I've had all day!
To date, Infinitus automates calls on behalf of healthcare providers to more than 500 payors. Those calls are faster and result in more accurate data for our customers, but we’re still often asked: Why do payors take calls from the Infinitus digital assistant? As it is for healthcare providers, digital transformation is a top priority...
A scale with accuracy represented on one side and cost on the other.
A wrongly denied insurance claim is a double-whammy. First, and most importantly, it can cause a delay in a patient’s treatment (and as a result, delayed revenue for the provider). But it also results in increased costs associated with re-submitting a claim. And unfortunately, benefit verification errors, which lead to such denials, aren’t uncommon. Those...
Woman bundled in winter weather gear sits at a laptop, looking overwhelmed
The new year is a time of hope and renewal, of setting goals and refocusing on the big picture. But it is also a time of uncertainty when it comes to health insurance; with the new year comes changes in health insurance coverage, cost share, and authorization requirements. This annual cycle creates uncertainty for patients about...
two call center employees fistbumping
Healthcare executives in Pharmaceutical and Specialty Pharmacy industries are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Their staff is overwhelmed with a backlog of tasks, including calls to payors and PBMs to verify patient benefit information. While the status quo has been to hire more people, candidates are nowhere to be found and this...
happy woman doctor
Key Insights: ‍ Much of the attention on healthcare has focused on lower patient outcomes even in the face of ever-escalating costs.  And there seems to be no end in sight. But lost in that understandable outrage is another important story around healthcare: the agony and emotional stress of waiting. A doctor visit can be...
Great place to work award
For the second year in a row, Infinitus is certified as a great place to work!
Prithvi Sriram of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Prithvi Sriram. Prithvi is part of our data team and has been helping improve the way in which we understand our system, our conversations and our operations. Prior to joining Infinitus, Prithvi was a member of Zynga's Data Analyst team.
Omar Burney of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Omar Burney, one of our new grad recruits. Omar is part of our full stack engineering team and has been helping improve the data labeling and administrative portals.
Sagar Gokhale of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Sagar Gokhale. Sagar has been focused on infrastructure at Infinitus. He has been making sure that our systems are fast, secure and scalable.

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