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There hasn’t been as much production level automation in longer form conversations, including phone calls, but there is a need for it. Many business operations today still happen over the phone and we discuss how we are solving these issues.
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We’re excited to announce that the Infinitus AI Benefit Verification offering is now generally available, and that we have raised $21.4 Million in Series Seed and Series A funding from Kleiner Perkins and Coatue Management.
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Today, my co-founder Shyam Rajagopalan and I are introducing the world to Infinitus, a voice robotic process automation (Voice RPA) company targeted to reduce the complexity and cost of healthcare in the United States. We have been working on this project since February 2019 and are excited to share our progress on it on this blog over the coming years.
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In this post, I outline some of the breakthroughs we have had to make and preview some of the exciting technical challenges that lay ahead.
Conal Sathi of Infinitus
This week, we’re excited to be featuring Conal Sathi. Conal has been building the computer brains that drive the conversations that the Infinitus digital assistant has. From rule based systems to self-learning models, Conal has been pulling out all stops to make sure our customers are getting the most out of their Infinitus experience.

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