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Technically, the annual insurance reverification period (often known as blizzard) lasts just a handful of weeks. However, reality tells a different story. We know our customers spend months preparing for each January, when patients’ access to medication can be put into question because of changes to formularies, deductibles, and out-of-pocket requirements.  With this year’s blizzard...
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The world of AI and large language models (LLMs) is in a state of constant flux, change, and improvement. At Infinitus, we’re focused on keeping up with the latest – both in our own research, and in that which we read. It is our hope that the research papers and articles below will provide some...
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A wrongly denied insurance claim is a double-whammy. First, and most importantly, it can cause a delay in a patient’s treatment (and as a result, delayed revenue for the provider). But it also results in increased costs associated with re-submitting a claim. And unfortunately, benefit verification errors, which lead to such denials, aren’t uncommon. Those...
A robot hand and a human hand together forming the shape of a heart
Artificial intelligence (AI) dominates today’s headlines, with the stories see-sawing between two fears: AI will take over our brains, or humans will also lose their jobs to AI. “AI doomerism,” as the Techdirt blog calls it, sees little middle ground between humans and AI.  But at Infinitus, we have a more positive vision of the...
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The new year is a time of hope and renewal, of setting goals and refocusing on the big picture. But it is also a time of uncertainty when it comes to health insurance; with the new year comes changes in health insurance coverage, cost share, and authorization requirements. This annual cycle creates uncertainty for patients about...
Infinitus presents at the Association for Computational Linguistics Conference 2023
Recently, Arushi Raghuvanshi, Infinitus’ machine learning lead, presented the results of an Infinitus research project at the Association for Computational Linguistics annual meeting. The resulting research paper, “Leveraging Explicit Procedural Instructions for Data-Efficient Action Prediction,” explored leveraging explicitly stored agent guidelines, such as company policies, customer service manuals, or documents on standard operating procedures, to...
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The latest investment in Infinitus validates the urgent need to address the overwhelming administrative burden in healthcare and our vision to do so with VoiceRPA. This announcement comes on the heels of a tremendous growth period for Infinitus, having grown enterprise revenue by over 300% in the past twelve months.
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Today, my co-founder Shyam Rajagopalan and I are introducing the world to Infinitus, a voice robotic process automation (Voice RPA) company targeted to reduce the complexity and cost of healthcare in the United States. We have been working on this project since February 2019 and are excited to share our progress on it on this blog over the coming years.

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