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A wrongly denied insurance claim is a double-whammy. First, and most importantly, it can cause a delay in a patient’s treatment (and as a result, delayed revenue for the provider). But it also results in increased costs associated with re-submitting a claim. And unfortunately, benefit verification errors, which lead to such denials, aren’t uncommon. Those...
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The new year is a time of hope and renewal, of setting goals and refocusing on the big picture. But it is also a time of uncertainty when it comes to health insurance; with the new year comes changes in health insurance coverage, cost share, and authorization requirements. This annual cycle creates uncertainty for patients about...
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Healthcare executives in Pharmaceutical and Specialty Pharmacy industries are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Their staff is overwhelmed with a backlog of tasks, including calls to payors and PBMs to verify patient benefit information. While the status quo has been to hire more people, candidates are nowhere to be found and this...
Image showing that Fast Company named Infinitus one of the world's most innovative companies.
We are excited to announce that Infinitus has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for 2023! It is an honor to join the ranks of organizations such as OpenAI, DeepMind, Nvidia, Unlearn, Roblox, and more.
Infinitus cofounders Shyam Rajagopalan and Ankit Jain
Infinitus Systems, the leading VoiceRPA company for automating phone calls in healthcare, today announced its close of $30M in Series B financing, accelerating its position as the category leader in VoiceRPA.
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We’re excited to announce that the Infinitus AI Benefit Verification offering is now generally available, and that we have raised $21.4 Million in Series Seed and Series A funding from Kleiner Perkins and Coatue Management.

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