When it comes to prior authorizations (PAs), ePA or 278 solutions aren’t enough. It’s often challenging to resolve complex or time-sensitive prior authorizations electronically. Details such as PA status, denial reasons, and appeal options either aren’t readily available or the turnaround time is too long. In these cases, healthcare providers’ staff often manually call a payor – sometimes multiple times – to collect the necessary information in advance of treatment dates. 

Infinitus is now the only company to offer automation of prior authorization call tasks (see a demo call here). Once your team submits a PA, they can pass the baton to our AI digital assistant to collect hard-to-find details about PA status and requirements, quickly and accurately. 

How Infinitus prior authorization automation works

1. Call inputs and outputs defined: Infinitus matches the customer’s PA data requirements with one of our recommended call flows. 

2. Payor call automated: The Infinitus digital assistant calls the payor and collects PA status and requirements.

3. Data returned: Customers can view the PA information in their system of record via API integration or in the Infinitus portal. 

Why choose Infinitus for prior authorization follow up?

Having learned from over a million calls across more than 1,000 medications and therapies, Infinitus can empower your team to:

  • Go further than ePA and 278 options by automating hard to find information that’s difficult to confirm electronically. 
  • Capture necessary data including prior authorization requirements, status, details and updates for specialty medications, procedures, and diagnostic tests. 
  • Get prior authorization information quickly in advance of treatment dates without having to manually call a payor.
  • Successfully navigate changing payor rules and requirements because our digital assistant is constantly learning.

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