Infinitus is a healthcare AI company, but humans play a number of key roles in delivering a seamless experience to our customers and those who receive our AI agent’s calls. Like most companies that build modern AI systems, we learn a lot from human feedback – which is why it’s important to note that our human team represents all types of customers we serve (e.g., providers, payors, pharma, pharmacies, etc.).

In the past we have unveiled the details of our multi-model, multimodal AI system; now we’re shining a light on some of the human experts who make Infinitus’s work possible. These Infinauts may be conversational designers, AI trainers, or QA specialists.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce Misti Smith, a call operations team lead who has been with Infinitus for over two years. 

What does your role at Infinitus entail?

I lead a team of AI trainers – the staff whose job is to jump in when the Infinitus AI agent “raises a hand” for help during calls with payor agents. My mission is to make sure they feel supported and to help drive their performance. 

But beyond that, a lot of my role focuses on quality; I’ve worked on a number of special projects including SOP improvement for different processes, and I’ve been involved in some client meetings during pilot phases. But my main mission is supporting our AI trainers however I can.

What did you do before joining Infinitus?

Before Infinitus, I worked in medical billing, specializing in Medicaid. I primarily worked in the training department, which meant I would train people on billing and how to use different types of electronic health records – EHRs. I have a pretty vast background in medical billing, which has been significant in my work at Infinitus.

I came here with a thorough understanding of the complicated jargon used in the healthcare industry, and in insurance in particular. My previous experience means I was informed about primary versus secondary insurance, knew different types of insurance plans, their names and how they worked, and so forth. 

Have you always been interested in technology and AI?

I always thought AI was really cool, but it was never on my radar as a career path until I joined Infinitus. I actually have a degree in neuroscience, so I’m happy to work in a field that combines healthcare and technology.

What is something you’ve learned since you started your job at Infinitus?

Technology is not something to be feared. It’s something that we as people have created, we have developed, and we’re continuing to develop. We need humans to assist AI and automation, and that’s not going to change.

What excites you about the potential for AI in healthcare?

When I think about my medical billing history, had Infinitus existed back then it would have saved me so much time – I used to wait on hold for upwards of an hour to follow up on claims! I couldn’t have imagined having an AI do so much waiting around for me, so much of the IVR work and the waiting on hold.

Thinking about all that, it’s hard not to be excited about how AI, and Infinitus in particular, will be able to help people like me be more efficient and not have to worry about long waiting times. I can’t wait to see how Infinitus is able to expand upon the amazing work the company is already doing.

To learn more about the role humans play at Infinitus, along with our multi-model, multimodal AI system, read our breakdown The Infinitus AI Machine or contact our team today.