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AI in healthcare

How we got here, where we’re going, and what all healthcare leaders need to know.

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Demystify artificial intelligence

In this on-demand video masterclass, you will:

Learn what, exactly, AI is and how we got here

Chances are, your company is either leveraging AI or planning to soon. In fact, 89% of IT decision-makers are researching or using AI. But what is AI? We’ll answer that question, and break down the differences between machine learning, deep learning, generative AI and more.

Understand the current technology landscape

Today’s market is full of new use cases for AI in healthcare. Where is AI currently excelling, and where will it take us from here? We’ll explore how we can use the technology to help improve patient outcomes.

Learn steps to start building your own AI strategy

What are the first steps to creating a healthcare AI strategy in your organization? We’ll dive into the five key areas of building out an AI strategy that you can incorporate, and explore how to choose the best initiative for AI in the first place.

Images from the AI in Healthcare webinar by Ankit Jain of Infinitus

Meet your instructor

Ankit Jain, Co-founder and Company Lead of Infinitus

Ankit co-founded Infinitus with Shyam Rajagopalan after having had two successful exits with previous mobile intelligence startup Quettra, where he served as CEO (acquired by SimilarWeb), and a search engine named Cuil (acquired by Google). In between his operator roles, Jain helped launch and run Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI venture capital fund.

Ankit’s experience as an operator at private and public companies, in addition to his experience as an AI investor, gives him a unique perspective on how to build and scale foundational AI technologies. He has traveled the country presenting on AI to audiences of leaders across the healthcare landscape.

Ankit Jain, Cofounder of Infinitus

Watch AI in Healthcare now

Watch the masterclass and get a comprehensive view of AI and its place in healthcare.