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The first and only solution to fully automate complex calls in healthcare.

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We make calls with our digital assistant so you don’t have to. Collect upwards of 150 data points per call with super human accuracy. 

Benefit verification

Automate benefit verification calls to payors to keep schedules intact, ensure a smooth patient experience and create the foundation for payment. Collect data such as:

  • Plan Details (Deductible, OOP, Plan Type)
  • Network Status
  • Drug & Admin Coverage
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Auth Requirements & Status
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Buy and Bill

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Prior authorization

Understand which treatments require Prior Authorization and if those documents are active and on file. Get up-to-date information on Prior Authorization status and reduce claims denials by payors. Collect data such as:

  • Prior Authorization Not on File
  • Prior Authorization Pending
  • Approved (+Approval Details)
  • Denied (+Denial Reason, Appeal Options)

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Prescription savings

Understaffed pharmacies can’t afford for their technicians and pharmacists to be tied up on the phone. Automate prescription savings follow-up from one pharmacy location to another without stopping and using a phone or fax machine and confirm requests received.

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We’ve automated very long, highly variable and specialized phone calls using AI

How it works:

  1. The task is received from your EHR, API, or manually uploaded via our Portal.
  2. Infinitus calls audience and captures required info.
  3. The task outputs accessible via our Portal or API.
Diagram showing healthcare providers connecting to Infinitus' API and how Infinitus uses speech-to-text, NLP, and text-to-speech with a layer of human oversight to communicate and collect call data from payors, PBMs, and pharmacies.


“But will it work for me?”

Infinitus has created several standardized call flows that have worked for dozens of therapies and hundreds of medications, procedures, and tests. We will work with your team to ensure that one of our standardized offerings aligns with your operating procedures and needs.


Our customer portal and easy-to-use APIs make delegating and monitoring call task workflows effortless.

Task API

Task API allows you to request calls be made by our system on your behalf (e.g. Benefits verification).

Payor API

Payor API returns a list of all payers supported (e.g. United Healthcare).

EHR integration

Reduce pre-call research and post call data entry with native integration to most popular EMR systems.

Navigate IVRs & hold

Our digital assistant, Eva, selects the appropriate prompts to get to the right representative. She doesn’t mind waiting until the live agent picks up the phone.


Eva credentials in as needed for given call type prepared with pertinent information such as patient, provider and practice info.

Intelligent inquiries

Instead of asking the same list of questions per call, Eva focuses on the subset that really matters, adjusting based on live agent answers.

Intelligent push back

Eva will push back on an agent when provided incorrect information based on Infinitus intelligence.

Agent escalation

A team of operators are standing by to intercept calls where manual intervention is needed.

Real-time visibility

Import tasks, monitor status, listen to call recordings, manage access control, billing and more in the Infinitus Portal 

Robust data ecosystem

Benefit from our 200+ payor ecosystem and integrations with top EDI clearinghouses.

AI guardrails

Hundreds of experts labeling call data for model training. With human-in-the-loop feedback, we reinforce accurate answers and flag those needed for further review.   


Unmatched accuracy, speed, and scale, so you can serve more patients

Augment your team with AI

Adjust to spikes in volume and manage fluctuations without changing headcount. Confidently scale operations quickly to reach top line growth targets.

  • Automate workload of 1000s of FTEs.
  • Avoid recruiting, onboarding and certification of seasonal hires.
  • Scale up your ability to serve more patients.

Precision accuracy

Infinitus’ unique technology allows us to maintain the highest data accuracy standards. In addition to continuously learning from the more than one million calls Eva has made, our software utilizes data from several digital sources to ensure the outputs we return to customers are reliable and up-to-date. 

  • 10% increase data accuracy 
  • 98% task completion rates
  • 150+ data fields to choose from

Accelerate time to go-live and time to therapy

Reduce patient time to therapy while also freeing up your team to have more time for patient care. Infinitus customers launch programs in weeks, not months or years. 

  • Programs are live within 30 days
  • Integrates with your EHR Systems
  • Expertise in over 1000+ therapies and procedures

Secure and reliable

Enterprise grade security, compliance and availability.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SOC II Compliant

“Infinitus gives us a significant advantage over other surgery centers that have offshored or outsourced the benefit verification process. While human labor can learn and improve, it’s not as systematic and consistent as technology. Infinitus consistently delivers accurate results, allowing us to focus on providing excellent patient care.”

Austin Cheng

CEO, Gramercy Surgery Center

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