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The Infinitus Mission

Our mission is to structure the world’s human-to-human communication and make interoperability effortless

Our Story

How an innovative solution transformed a common problem.

Ankit & Shyam have known each other since middle school and are repeat successful entrepreneurs. If you were to ask them, their superpower as a team is the ability to constrain and re-frame potentially intractable science problems as tractable engineering ones. They’ve built and launched multiple products that have been used by billions of users and hundreds of enterprises around the world.

Ankit spent years investing in and supporting AI startup companies through Google’s Gradient Ventures, while his wife worked in healthcare operations at institutions where tens of thousands of structured, repetitive calls were made on a monthly basis. During a conversation about breakthroughs in speech recognition, natural language processing and speech synthesis technologies, she suggested looking into applying these recent advances to reduce time to therapy and cost of healthcare in the United States.

After a few exploratory discussions with each other and potential customers, Ankit & Shyam incorporated Infinitus.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Ankit Jain
Founder & CEO

Ankit is a serial entrepreneur focused on using technology and data to improve the world. Most recently, Ankit was a Founding Partner at Google's AI focused Venture Fund, Gradient Ventures, and a Director of Engineering at Google.

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Shyam Rajagopalan
Co-Founder & CTO

Shyam is a seasoned technology leader having led impactful projects across Snap and Google over the past decade. Prior to Infinitus, as a software architect, Shyam has designed, built and launched highly secure, high throughput systems such as Snap's backend services and Google's login and security platforms.

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We’ve tapped into the synergy between healthcare and tech.

With a combined 75 years in tech and 80 years in healthcare, our team is well-versed in the necessary tasks that need to be reimagined. See how our backgrounds brought us together.
Brad Holden

• Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard Business School Grad
• Company Executive Officer in the US Marine Corps
• Previously at Edwards Lifesciences & Autodesk

"We have a group of incredibly talented and likeable people working on a unique problem. This creates an environment of hard work and collaboration where I’ve learned a ton every day."

Conal Sathi

• Stanford Grad with 10 years of NLP experience
• Previously at Slice, Rakuten & Lecturer at UCI

"I love the mission: using AI to automate routine tasks done in healthcare ... especially during this time."

Cynthia Cruz

• 12 Years in Healthcare Operations
• Previously at Genentech, Xcenda and Syneos Health

"Building a scalable program has been exciting and the challenges have been fun to tackle."

Julian Frumar

• UNSW, YCombinator Grad and a 2x Founder
• Previously at YouTube & Coda

"I love the realtime aspect of our product – there’s nothing more real time that an interactive phone call with another human."

Diana Jung

• University of Waterloo Grad
• Previously at Google & Rakuten

"Even though the company has been remote since I’ve joined, I’ve enjoyed exploring the different domains and expertise brought by my teammates."

Team of Experts

Our team has software and healthcare experts from the top companies in the world.

snap inc
united health care
Seal of the United States Marine
Delta Dental
The University of California Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon University
Harvard Business

Our Investors & Advisors

We’re proud to be backed by some of the most prominent investors and founders in the technology business.
Ilya Fushman
Managing Partner, Kleiner Perkins
Early investor in UiPath, Slack, Intercom and more
Yan-David Erlich
General Partner, Coatue Management
4x Founder, Early investor in Thumbtack, Masterclass and more
Lee Linden
Managing Partner, Quiet Ventures
2x Founder, Investor in Collective Health, Clover Health, Flipkart and more
Ian Goodfellow
Director, Machine Learning, Apple
Creator of Generative Adversarial Networks
Aparna Chennapragada
VP Product, Google
Board of Directors at Capital One and Angel Investor
Qasar Younis
CEO, Applied Intuition
2x Founder, Ex-COO YCombinator
Zak Stone
Product Manager, Google Brain
1x Founder, Investor in early startups
Gokul Rajaram
Caviar Lead, Doordash
1x Founder, Creator Google AdSense and Facebook Ads
Aashima Gupta
Director, Healthcare Solutions, Google
Board of Directors at HIMSS
Amit Garg
Managing Partner, Tau Ventures
1x Founder, Early investor in Misfit Wearables, nuTonomy

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