Ambulatory surgery centers

Infinitus automates calls to commercial and government payors on behalf of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). With our digital assistant Eva, you can complete tasks such as benefit verification and prior authorization follow-up accurately, consistently, and with a faster turnaround.

Quickly complete authorizations and improve patient experience with AI

Benefit verification

Automate benefit verification calls to payors in advance of treatment dates, ensuring a smooth patient experience and that authorizations are complete before claim submission. Collect data such as:

  • Maximum amount plan pays
  • Referral status
  • Facility and physician network status
  • Plan details (deductible, out of pocket, plan type)
  • Procedure cost share/coverage information
  • Coordination of benefits

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Prior authorization

Reduce payor claim denials by understanding which treatments require prior authorization (PA) and confirming that the PA is active and on file. Collect data such as:

  • Prior authorization not on file
  • Prior authorization pending
  • Approved (plus approval details such as start date, end date, and approval number)
  • Denied (plus denial reason and appeal options)

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Improve patient outcomes

Increase access

Eliminate the need for staff to keep up with changing payor rules. Infinitus has expertise in 100s of therapies and procedures, supports more than 200 major payors, and learns from each call.

Adhere to surgery schedules

With Infinitus, call backlogs become obsolete. Eva, the Infinitus digital assistant, collects benefit verifications and prior authorization status quickly and accurately so that procedural dates are always met.

Reduce claim denials

Confidently treat and care for patients knowing you have accurate benefit and prior authorization information. Infinitus’ data accuracy standards set us apart from other solutions including offshore call centers.

Gain operational efficiencies

Improve employee morale

Improve employee morale Boost team satisfaction by taking on some of the most frustrating aspects of payor calls: long hold times and changing requirements. Infinitus stays on hold as long as needed and intelligently navigates complex calls.

Increase accuracy

Eva is 10% more accurate than manual callers because Infinitus has a standardized call flow and expertise from making over one million payor calls. Unlike overstretched staff, who often have many duties in addition to payor calls, it is Eva’s sole responsibility to collect patient information.

Expand capacity

Supercharge productivity and reduce the need to plan for temporary hiring, training, and onboarding during annual reverification. Eva can make an unlimited number of calls at any time of day to help customers scale up quickly.

Integrated with leading ASC EMRs

Infinitus integrates with EHRs such as SIS Complete™ to automate the initiation and completion of tasks. Once a patient schedules an appointment, the EHR automatically sends a request to Infinitus to verify benefits, Infinitus completes the task and sends the outputs back to the customer.

Diagram showing the call workflow automation between an EHR, in this case SIS Complete™, and a payor using Infinitus.

Secure and reliable

Enterprise grade security, compliance and availability.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

“Infinitus gives us a significant advantage over other surgery centers that have offshored or outsourced the benefit verification process. While human labor can learn and improve, it’s not as systematic and consistent as technology. Infinitus consistently delivers accurate results, allowing us to focus on providing excellent patient care.”

Austin Cheng

CEO, Gramercy Surgery Center

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