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Cencora accelerates patient access with Infinitus

Cencora’s AI-first patient access program integrated Infinitus, saving staff time and supporting patient access to care.


The benefit verification process is a key step in the patient journey to therapy, and the faster it’s completed, the hope is a patient will receive therapy faster. However, the benefit verification process can be manual and time consuming across the industry. These challenges are underscored by the reverification process, which kicks off in January, and can lead to a 10x spike in benefit verification requests. This creates additional pressures on all staff and leaves many companies with a need to hire and train additional seasonal workers.


Cencora collaborated with Infinitus to integrate the Infinitus AI digital assistant into their proprietary benefit verification ecosystem. Cencora’s tech-enabled ecosystem utilizes a state-of-the-art technology that makes benefit verification, reverification, prior authorization, and reporting more seamless than ever.


Infinitely scalable

evidenced by meeting reverification season demands of 10x or more

Over 100

full-time workers’ work offset by integrating the Infinitus digital assistant

4x faster

than traditional benefit verification turnaround expectations, while maintaining high quality

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“The results were tremendous. The turnaround time on the technology was very low, and we had high quality. It’s truly an experience that’s unparalleled in the patient support industry.”

Jeff Buck of Cencora

Jeff Buck

Vice President of Digital Solutions, Cencora

Here’s why it worked

For Cencora’s patient support offering, innovation is non-negotiable; the team is always looking for ways to more efficiently and effectively serve their clients and the patients those clients support. Embracing AI to achieve that goal – particularly when it comes to access to care – is a priority.

This led to Infinitus, and their AI agent, which Cencora was able to integrate into its existing technology ecosystem. With the Infinitus AI agent, calls to payors and pharmacy benefit managers are automated, saving valuable time for Cencora workers. In fact, most benefit verification calls are completed within about five hours.

“We were looking for a scalable and reliable technology that allowed us to serve more patients, specifically during the annual verification period,” said Jeff Buck, vice president of digital solutions at Cencora. “We wanted a technology that allowed us to deal with the spike in volumes, while also able to handle the change in a patient’s insurance coverage that occurs at the beginning of the year.”

It was particularly important to the Cencora team that the Infinitus AI agent could push back when incorrect or incomplete information was offered by the agent on the other end of a phone call. Even a small error in the benefit verification process can lead to a significant delay in treatment.

Efficiently addressing obstacles to patient access

Infinitus completes the same amount of phone calls each day for Cencora as over 100 full-time employees, meaning Cencora can hire fewer seasonal workers (for example, during reverification season), or dedicate those workers to tasks where the involvement of skilled staff is necessary.

That balance between the work of their staff and the work of AI has empowered its program to focus more on supporting patients rather than on phone system wait times and less complex benefit verifications.

Can Infinitus work for you?

The Infinitus solution for patient support programs automates calls to commercial and government payors on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. The Infinitus AI agent can complete tasks including benefit verification and prior authorization follow-up accurately, consistently, and with a faster turnaround.

Infinitus supports over a thousand therapies, procedures, medications, and tests. We can work with your team to ensure that one of our standardized offerings aligns with your operating procedures and needs.

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