Since the start of Infinitus in 2019, I have had the privilege of witnessing our team’s incredible journey. The past few months have exemplified the heart, tenacity, and dedication of every single member of our team, as we worked through both challenges and opportunities. And this week, we were able to bring the entire team together for our annual offsite, which we call InfiniCamp: three days of learning, brainstorming, creating TikTok videos and, of course, enjoying some “provisions” at the end of each day. 

For many Infinauts, this InfiniCamp was the first opportunity to match names to faces, to move beyond Google Chat and Google Meet, and to truly connect. The experience was invaluable, reminding us of the importance of being with each other in person, even as we embrace technology. 

As we gathered together to learn from each team, brainstorm in breakout sessions, and even just chat informally, a common theme emerged: our dedication to Infinitus’ goal of helping busy, overworked healthcare workers recapture some of their most valuable resource: time. The more we understand each other’s perspectives, challenges, and aspirations, the more cohesive and robust our solutions become. The week provided a renewed opportunity to live this value and pledge to continue learning, testing, and improving. 

For the last few months, we had a series of InfiniSpeakers who inspired the content at this offsite. Luminaries such as Ben Horowitz, Andre Iguodala, Gokul Rajaram, Julie Yoo, Manik Gupta and Tom Conrad shared their thoughts on building teams, products, and companies while motivating us to relentlessly prioritize and focus on our mission. With every presentation and discussion, it became evident that our commitment to saving time for our healthcare heroes and providing faster therapy for patients is not just a mission statement – it’s a passion.

We also took this opportunity to sponsor the Emily Whitehead Foundation and screen the incredible movie Of Medicine and Miracles, which showed us many untold aspects of the American healthcare system, experimental cancer treatments, and the journey of families facing rare diseases. The story was personal to so many of us (and many of us were crying through parts of it), and reiterated just how the work we are doing at Infinitus can help every family in America. 

We also invited James Nestor, an award winning author and science journalist to talk about the power of breathing and its impact on our bodies. After a talk that went through the biomechanical impact of proper breathing and the evolution that our mouths and airways have gone through over generations (spoiler alert: it isn’t exactly positive change!), we all participated in a one-hour breathing exercise that left our bodies tingly and refreshed. 

To every team member, partner, and supporter who believes in our vision: THANK YOU. InfiniCamp was not just a retreat but a springboard. We are excited, motivated, and more committed than ever. Here’s to the journey ahead, to the difference we’ll make, and to a future where we can leverage the power of AI and automation to help solve some of healthcare’s hardest problems. 

Below, you’ll see just a few highlights of our time together.

The team takes in a sunset after a busy day together.
Our days were filled with opportunities to learn about what our teammates have been hard at work on.
The Infinitus team poses together on the beach.
Getting ready to learn how to breathe (and feel energized and tingly) with help from science reporter and breath expert James Nestor.
We celebrated our last night together with a campfire, s’mores, and a singalong.