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Customer Case Studies
12 Nov 2020
Fortune 10 Company
We Automated over 58,000 hours of annual data collection calls
“What impressed us most is the accuracy of the results”
said ____________, VP of ____________.
“Operations planning often involves trade-offs between efficiency and accuracy, but working with Infinitus, we saw them both increase, which is a huge win for us. And it lets us know we’re delivering the right information to the patient the first time”.
Seasonal Peak Staffing Costs
Scaling FTE to call volume
Temp Work Scaling
Temp Worker Costs
Annual Time Saved
Call turnaround time with Infinitus
4 months
Time required to plan, hire, and train new staff to support seasonal peaks
0 months
Time required to scale an additional FTE of call volume with Infinitus
Number of temp workers required for seasonal peak for customer
Average cost to hire and train a temp worker per season
Hours of phone calls saved with Infinitus annually
24 Months
Call turnaround time with Infinitus


Our customer, a Fortune 10 company, makes over 20M outbound phone calls every year in order to make sure many parts of the American healthcare ecosystem function efficiently. These phone calls reach patients, providers, pharmacies and payors nationwide. The seasonality of these phone calls requires a yearly ramp-up of their call center operations and the cost of hiring, training and maintaining quality with these temporary workers is an incredible organizational challenge. The calls involve the exchange of over 100 data points and often exceed 30 minutes in length.  The data prep and entry before and after a call can add another ten to fifteen minutes to the time spent on a single task.

These repetitive calls also introduce the challenges of mental fatigue and human error.  While the data exchanged is typically both discrete and simple, the repetitive nature of making dozens of routine calls can produce fatigue for the people on each side of the call. This increases the likelihood of human error, harming the data quality for the customer.

Considering employee time, office space, and IT infrastructure, the cost of these tasks add up fast, especially when multiplied by tens of thousands per day.

Enter Infinitus:

Fortunately, these lengthy phone conversations are exactly where the Infinitus platform excels.  The customer chose to work with Infinitus due to our efficient calibration, low-complexity setup, and scalability for both call volume and type of phone call.

By automating call volume with Infinitus, the customer now has a cost-effective means of managing call volume, and knows that their organizational burden of scaling with seasonality can be offset by managing capacity through the Infinitus platform.

The customer found that their employees were happier doing the non-repetitive, more empathy focused calls while the Infinitus platform automated the tedious, mind-numbing calls.

Week 1
Customer contacts Infinitus and agrees to Pilot.
Week 2
Define data input/ouput & customer shares the training data set.
Week 3 - Week 4
Infinitus uses training data to train systems.
Week 5
Infinitus begins making calls on behalf of customer, results are shared on daily basis.


Pilot: four weeks, zero integration
The customer and Infinitus first met to define the required input and output data for a successful phone call.  Infinitus used these inputs and outputs to define a .csv format for data exchange for a pilot project, enabling the customer to see the quality of Infinitus data collection with minimal setup and no IT integration requirements. The customer then shared a data set that included recordings of and implied API inputs and outputs from 100 phone calls, which the Infinitus team used to calibrate the AI-powered solution. Within three weeks of the initial data ingest, the Infinitus platform was up and making phone calls on behalf of the customer.

Following the pilot, Infinitus used the same input and output data to define an API, enabling the two teams to integrate their systems for seamless integration.


This customer now relies on Infinitus to make these time consuming-calls on an ongoing basis. With the click of a button, they can send call input to Infinitus, and receive results within 24 hours, and receive real time updates on the status of the tasks they’ve submitted for processing.

Now, when planning for their next seasonal peak, the customer knows they can rely on Infinitus to manage call volume, reducing the organizational and financial burden of scaling a large temporary team. The implications of smoothing out seasonality are far-reaching for the customer, with reduced burden on the teams managing operations, facilities, HR, training, and IT infrastructure.

Implementing Infinitus has also led to higher quality data collection in multiple areas. As the AI system doesn’t suffer mental fatigue we have reduced the opportunity for human error during lengthy repetitive data collection phone calls. Further, as the customer’s live teams can now spend time on more meaningful work, overall quality output for the team has increased due to increased employee engagement.

One additional benefit is that the customer found that it was easier than ever to scale up new programs with the click of a button. This reduction in organizational hurdles has enabled the customer to open new programs, offering stable employment to more full-time employees.

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