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Use AI to automate B2B conversations and join us in saving the US healthcare system hundreds of thousands of hours annually.

Infinitus works with all major payors, PBMs, and pharmacies

Automation for
back-office operations

3.2 billion healthcare calls are made every year. 50% of that time is wasted. Infinitus is the only solution that can facilitate phone-based healthcare workflows consistently and accurately to help your team stop wasting time.

Nonstop improvement

Our platform systematically learns from every call. We stay on top of payor guidelines on over 1000 therapies and procedures across 30 disease states such as Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Cardiovascular Disease and much more.

Enable your team to serve more patients

Our digital assistant, Eva, can automate calls to commercial and government payors as well as PBMs. With Eva, Infinitus completes tasks such as benefit verification, prior authorization, prescription savings accurately, consistently, and with a faster turnaround.

Benefit verification

Prior authorization status

Prescription savings

Meet the healthcare leaders seeing fast, real ROI with Infinitus

As a patient-centric, technology-forward Ambulatory Surgical Center, our investment in Infinitus’ technology plays an essential role in serving the patients and surgeons of New York, and creates a scalable foundation for future success.

Austin Cheng

CEO, Gramercy Surgery Center

“[Infinitus’ digital assistant, Eva] can get through calls around 30% quicker and the quality is around 10% higher than humans since there are fewer miscommunications or typos.”

Jeff Buck

VP, Cencora
(formerly AmerisourceBergen)

“Infinitus has helped us to support 50% more patients at current staff levels by freeing up tens of thousands of hours per week. Our existing staff is able to spend more time with patients and is seeing significant productivity gains in their back office processes. The fact that we could launch something like this in less than 30 days is an anomaly in healthcare.”

Sini Abraham

Sr. VP, Client Services + Operations
Mercalis (formerly TrialCard)

Augment your workforce with AI

Augment your back office with an AI workforce

Improve patient outcomes

  • Increase access
  • Improve adherence
  • Reduce cost

Gain operational efficiencies

  • Expand capacity
  • Increase accuracy
  • Improve NPS

Increase ROI

  • Reduce re-scheduling
  • See more patients
  • Reduce employee turnover

What’s it like talking to Eva?

“It was wonderful talking to you Eva. I had a great time speaking with you.”



“Absolutely amazing.
Honestly, this call has been the best one I’ve had all day.”



“It was awesome! It was my first experience with an automated machine.”


Blue Cross Blue Sheild

“I’m amazed!
I never thought I’d see this happen, but I guess it’s here.”


Texas Health and Human Services

“It was no different than talking to a regular person.”


Blue Cross

“My experience was great. You are actually like a real human.”



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